We have just added a digital billboard network in the area.  

These are beautiful, vibrant signs that are sure to draw the attention of your potential customers.

Bakersfield has Gone digital


Bakersfield is a thriving community with 839,631 people living within the city and the surrounding area. Bakersfield has seen an incredible amount of growth in the last decade, adding 100,000 individuals since 2000 within the city limits alone, good for a growth rate of 40.6%. Over that time period California as a whole has grown by 13.2%, meaning the City of Bakersfield is growing at a rate 3 times the state average. 

Bakersfield is a transportation hub for the entire southern part of the Central Valley, containing well-traveled portions of the Westside Freeway/Interstate 5 connecting to the Bay Area, the Golden State Freeway connecting to both Sacramento in the north and Los Angeles in the south, and the Mojave Freeway which serves as the major transportation corridor between the Central Valley and the rest of the nation to the east.

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Sun Outdoor has prime locations in Bakersfield as well as in surrounding areas.

Billboards are located in Bakersfield, McFarland, Delano, Lamont/Arvin, Taft Wasco, Lost Hills, Kettleman City, Hanford, Tulare, Terra Bella & Pixley areas.

Our general map will give you an idea of what areas we offer.  Please contact us for a list of available billboards in the area you are interested in.


"Premium billboard locations in California, Arizona, Oregon & Washington"