"Premium billboard locations in California, Arizona, Oregon & Washington"

Sun Outdoor Advertising is a family owned business that has been in outdoor advertising for more than 35 years.  We offer premium locations in four states and signature five star treatment!  Our personal attention to detail and ability to respond to client needs allows us to be of service to hundreds of advertisers.  Our customers range from the smallest of independent businesses to large national corporations, and they all receive the same individual attention.  Because of our dedication to superior service and personal attention to each of our customers, we are able to coordinate a campaign that will fit your budget, your needs and your goals.

Sun is affiliated with a group of financial investment companies.  Our affiliates invest in a diversified array of commercial, residential, and agricultural real estate, as well as operating companies. Sun enjoys the financial strength to plan for the long term while maintaining our ability to effectively execute in the short term. We are committed to the future of outdoor advertising and fully intend to grow the company at a pace consistent with the continuing needs and expectations of our customers.

Sun Outdoor enjoys a local presence in Bakersfield, California. The entire Sun team have a passion for helping your business grow.  Our team believes that billboard advertising is a product that will help your business with its bottom line and impressively exhibit your footprint in the community.

​At Sun Outdoor, we believe outdoor advertising is still the most effective, proven, and economical way to reach your customers.  We work for you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year!  We look forward to discussing your needs and helping you reach your goals!  All it takes is a quick phone call or
email to get your business enjoying the impact of great outdoor!

Todd Hansen is the General Manager of Sun Outdoor Advertising. He brings with him over 28 years’ experience in the outdoor advertising industry.  After graduating from Idaho state University with a Master’s degree in Education Administration, he began his outdoor advertising career in Pocatello, Idaho as the Market Manager for Idaho Outdoor.  From there he has worked with several companies in various size markets, from Paso Robles to Los Angeles to San Francisco/Oakland.  Todd has held various positions; in local sales, as an Account Executive, as Business Development Manager, General Manager and President.    After much traveling with his previous companies, Todd welcomed being back home in Bakersfield, CA with his wife and three kids and as General Manager of Sun Outdoor Advertising.